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REEL Series outdoor HD Smart City Terminal

REEL series outdoor HD smart city terminal is China style outdoor advertising player. It could be mount on the wall, standing on the street or hang on roof. Appearance is attractive and integrate some functions like security monitor, free wifi offering, free charging etc.

  • 제품 특성 : 옥외 광고 플레이어
  • 터미널 크기 : 60inch, 78inch
  • 터미널 해상도 : 320x576,256x448,240x576 ...
  • 신청 상황 : 야외
  • 제품 세부 정보

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    제품 태그

    REEL Series outdoor HD Smart City Terminal

    응용 프로그램 :

    Community, walking street, school, hospital, park, supermarket, parking lot, metro station, hotel, gas station, automobile 4s shop, tourist attraction, bus station etc


    : 주요 기능

    High brightness up to 7000 nits

    High density up to 141330 dots/sqm

    Energy saving to be 150w/sqm

    Free wifi

    Smoke, humidity, temperature decting

    Large scale cluster management and remote control


    옵션 기능 :

    Face recognizing


    스마트 대화 형 음성 및 비디오

    무료 충전


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