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Touch advertising machine knowledge and application market analysis

Digital liquid touch advertising machine is an advertising device, it has LCD display function. It can not only circulate advertising, but also play the contents stored in your memory card, and play with audio of MP3 music or related advertisement at the same time. It’s quite an advantage over most outdoor advertising, and most outdoor ads make you feel a bit stiff and tasteless. Digital advertising is to make up for these shortcomings, it has not only sound, but also advertising plot, beautiful picture plus changing, let you linger. If large-scale installation, in the same industry areas to achieve extraordinary impact, and a huge impact on their counterparts. It can be used in elevators, elevators, and two elevators on the walls, and can also be used in cars or hotels, supermarkets and other public places.


Its use can not only increase product sales, but also show the technical equipment and strength of the modern shopping mall in twenty-first Century.

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Post time: Oct-10-2017
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